I am Eirik Lokke, a Fellow at the Norwegian liberal think tank, Civita. I use this blog to share my latest thoughts, where I tend to advocate classical liberal ideas and policy.

I was born in Stavanger, Norway (1980) and after finishing my mandatory year in the Norwegian armed forces; I began my studies at the University of Bergen (UiB), where I earned a B.A. in Comparative politics and a M.A. in History.

Before joining Civita, I worked as a teacher at UiB, campaign advisor for the conservative party and as a digital advisor for UNICEF.

I am a former leader of the Student Society (Studentersamfunnet i Bergen) in Bergen, where I currently serve at the advisory board. I am a frequent contributor to the Norwegian conservative quarterly, Minerva, where I am a member of the advisory board.

I have commented and been published in all the major Norwegian media corporations (NRK, TV2, Aftenposten, VG, Dagbladet, Dagens Næringsliv, Bergens Tidende, Stavanger Aftenblad).

You can contact me by sending an email to eirik.lokke@gmail.com